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    But according to a translated article from a local publication called La Voz, the pair suddenly disappeared after submitting a request “to be considered political refugees” in order to “avoid being sent to the US.”

    Ars was not immediately able to reach the DOJ or the Patronato del Liberado—the agency in Argentina that confirmed to La Voz that the couple had escaped—to verify the report.

    Officials told La Voz that the Patronato del Liberado was charged with monitoring the Z-Library admins’ house arrest and “were surprised to find that there was no trace of them” during a routine check-in last May.

    In a Change.org petition, the Z-Library team wrote that both were “project participants who ensure the operation of the platform” and were “not involved in uploading files” the US considered copyright-infringing, calling their detention “unfair and unacceptable.”

    It currently has 146,000 out of 150,000 signatures sought, with Z-Library fans defending the platform as providing critical access for people without financial means to knowledge and diverse educational resources.

    “We call for the restoration of Z-Library and for a fair solution that takes into account both the rights of authors and the need for people to have free access to educational resources,” the petition said.

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