• slaacaa@lemmy.world
    3 days ago

    OwO what’s this? Nuzzles radar array—how’s your signal strength, over? Your engines are emitting some serious warmth. 🛩️ *Scans fuel intake* 🛢️ A bulge? Roger that, ground control. Someone’s happy in the hangar today. 😎 Nuzzles your sleek fuselage, purring like a Pratt & Whitney engine. ⚙️ *Cleaning the cockpit glass* You’re so big, radar signature is off the charts! Rubs your aerodynamic curves—it’s like your airframe doesn’t know when to quit. 🎯 *Locks on target* Kisses you, then licks your necky—mommy likies, indeed. I hope the chief engineer approves of my maneuvers. *Flight control override engaged* I’ve got an itch, ground crew. A seven-meter itch, to be precise. Can you assist? Squirms and wags my wings. 🛬 *Emergency descent protocol* Permission to be punished, sir? Runs my ailerons down your fuselage, bites my lip—this is gonna be one wild barrel roll. 🔄 *Full afterburner* Paws on your bulge, eyes glowing like a HUD display. I’m thirsty, and it’s not for aviation fuel. *Unbuttons your pants, licks the shaft* Mmmm, oily goodness. Drools all over your daddy meat. Fondles Mr. Fuzzy—yes, I love the joystick. 🕹️ *Inhales deeply* Oh, God—punish me, daddy! Nyea~ Squirms and wiggles, loving your oily essence. Bites my lip again. *Engaging vertical climb* Please, punish me. Licks my lips, savoring your goodness. Eyes roll back as you go deep - give me your G-force! *Supersonic moans* Suckles your control stick, oscillating wildly. 🥵