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  • Oh yes, this extremely outdated patent law that is getting abused every day in the US by the so called patent trolls. Shall I remind you that many of the technological advancements you enjoy today are indeed manufactured in Asia?

    Or shall I break your heart by saying that if they have stayed in your beloved US it would have been considerably more expensive? And you know it is not that the US has not a proven track record of spying on anyone including their own allies. So think about when you try to preach next time, who has the moral high ground.

  • Not if they crash into stationary objects like rocks, etc. In that case the amount of force the driver will experience will be 2-3 times higher compared to the amount of force a driver of a normal sedan will experience if he had the same accident.

    But yeah, those trucks are getting ridiculously big and heavy. They are not only bad for the environment, they are bad for the roads and other drivers and pedestrians. I am living in Europe and it is really infuriating that those cars are like 1.5 times a normal car and then you can’t even find a parking spot.

  • But it’s sad that whistleblowers are even persecuted in a so-called democracy. Like you know you fucked up, but instead of feeling humble and ashamed you start persecutions of the people who have exposed you, while preaching what an exemplary democracy you are to the rest of the world.

    Same with ICC, ICC exposes your ally as a war criminal and instead of upholding law, you start thinking how to sanction the judges and obstruct their actions, because you feel above the law. The US is acting like a school bully who is the only one who can say what’s right or wrong in big parts of the rest of the world, they try to influence foreign governments and install their own candidates, so in a way, they aren’t much better than China or Russia. Heck they even tapped the phones of their allies back then and probably still do.